Psilocybe Pajaritos Trufflemagic Wholesale
Psilocybe Pajaritos Trufflemagic Wholesale

20X Psilocybe pajaritos

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Feel like a little bird with this beautiful truffle! It’s a relaxed and happy trip. The Psilocybe pajaritostruffle is also a very social truffle. So when you’re planning on heaving a great night with your friends you should consider this magic truffle. Your thoughts will be fluttering around! Let the happy feeling of the pajarito surprise you!

Pajaritos is Spanish for “little bird”. This refers to the effect it has on people: after using the magic truffle you feel like a bird. Your thoughts are merrily fluttering around. The Psilocybe pajaritos is a truffle that is slightly stronger than Mexicana. In terms of quantity of active substance you can compare it with the magic truffle Tampanensis. The trip is usually relaxed and cheerful. Some users report mild hallucinations.


20 portions of 15 grams each (= €4,- per portion)

MSRP (Suggested retail price): €12.95

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