Psilocybe Utopia 20x Wholesale Trufflemagic
Psilocybe Utopia 20x Wholesale Trufflemagic

20X Psilocybe utopia

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The Psilocybe utopia is a very special truffle. It’s one of the strongest magic truffles around. We have sold them to Smart Shops with succes, and now the utopia is finally available in our webshop!


De Psilocybe utopia is a variant of the Psilocybe atlantis and owes her name to the visual trip she often provides. Thanks to our balanced breeding process which allows the truffle more time to grow, a higher quality truffle is created.


The Psilocybe utopia is known for its utopic strength. The utopia will offer you a fantastic experience with a nice bite. Great visuals, philosophical thoughts and a wonderful body high are guaranteed!

20 portions of 15 grams each (= €5,50,- per portion)

MSRP (Suggested retail price): €12.95

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